ost fast growth companies will start thinking about improved employee safety and security by installing physical security equipment like access control and video surveillance systems. They may have security guards in place to patrol their facilities, people tasked with watching signals from surveillance cameras, automated alerts that go out when badge access systems are breached, and general procedures in place to dispatch people when events are detected.

With all this in place, it’s easy to leap to the mistaken belief that your physical security needs are adequately covered. In fact, while physical security equipment and guards may partially cover your security needs, integrating technology, people and operations requires expertise and professionalism that builds on what you currently have in place.

Here is just a sampling of the many security risks most high growth companies aren’t sufficiently aware of.

  1. Your investments in physical security systems are improperly managed and monitored.
    In many high growth companies, access control and surveillance cameras systems aren’t linked to the critical operational capabilities and processes required to see and act on real alerts. Properly managing and monitoring your physical security systems matters. To wit, what happens when a surveillance camera is malfunctioning and no one knows about it until laptops suddenly go missing.
  2. Your physical security systems are not being constantly kept up to date.
    Even with the best equipment in place, there must be an ongoing real time process in place to manage the many day-to-day changes that happen in fast moving business environments. Are your systems able to take the appropriate actions when an employee is terminated? Are their access cards automatically deactivated?
  3. Your security operations personnel are overwhelmed by a flood of security signals.
    On any given day, there can be thousands of events from different systems that come into your security operations centre for access alarms, video events, and security request emails. High growth companies often possess or spend security budgets on expensive equipment, but may then hire inadequately trained guards or rely on IT to monitor and manage the massive amounts of data coming in. Separating real alerts from minor ones, or missing key alerts requiring timely identification and action, can be a constant challenge.
  4. Your security policies and procedures are not in place, out of date, or improperly implemented.
    What should you do when someone forces open a door that is protected by the access control system? What should you do when you lose communication with one of your security panels because it’s become inactive or disabled? You may have documented policies and procedures for these events, but how many of your security team members actually know them and follow them to the letter?
  5. You are not thinking about how to scale your security operations because you think it’s not a high priority right now.
    While many growth companies are highly sensitized to cyber-security risks from hackers, they may be less rigorous about physical security risks. But physical security is all about protecting your people, your brand, and your intellectual property…the lifeblood of your business.

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